Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Hey guys..
im back in muscat after a hectic semester in Trichy.. couldnt post as we r not allowd internet access.. n now im free til the 1st of jan.. my collg reopens on 2nd.. so wil try 2 post.. no pics of trichy as i had no cam dere. mayb wil try takin 1 dis time.. k til next time.. bye and tc..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Came Back, Goin Back

Hey guys..
I had come over to Muscat (m posting from here) and im leaving tonight for chennai (sigh.. ).. It was just a 4 day visit because of the non stop fever and cough and homesickness that i had contracted from somewhere.. Will be back in Trichy tomorrow evening.. So till next time when i can take a rickety bus from college to the cafe, and come online and post again, bye take care and adios.. m doing well now anyways.. still mum insists to go see the doc AGAIN !! Oh my.. So guys i gotta leave soon for the highly acclaimed Saud Bahwan Polyclinic... (SIGH :-( ..... ) .. And ya i couldnt manage to catch up with either Nida or Nilay but ya did spenf a lot of time talking to them on the phone... so thanx and hope 2 see the rest of you people online later and meet u in person in december.. k now i really gotta go bye take care have fun.. seeya soon... !!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hii Guys

Hey guys
M in Mumbai !! Yea !! No i didnt get expelled from NIT Trichy.. hehe.. My 1st Cycle Tests got over and there's an inter college festival going on in our college (Festember) so we first years hav around a week off.. So, making full use of this opportunity, I dashed out of the college( first without the air tickets and passport.. then went all the way back to my room.. then again dashed out.. hehe) then took a cab to the Central Bus Stand along with a friend who accompanied me on the same flight.. and then took a rickety screwd up bus to chennai... where i had to find the worst seat possible.. and somehow reached chennai airport at 2 in the morning... then my flight was at 5:30 in the morning and landed mumbai at 7:30.. n now me here !! at my cousins' place plannin to enjoy next 8 days...
I so wish itwas more than that.. so i can blog more and more often... but u guys plz keep visiting.. i may post once in a blue moon.. and one of the next few days i'll post abt life in NIT Trichy.. not 2day me too tired.. so bye and take care till i post next time..
LOL (Loads Of Love),

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In Trichy

Hey guys..
After a flight from Mumbai to Chennai and then spending the evening at one of my dad's friends place, i took the bus at 11 in the night and reached Trichy at 7 in the morning, with a cold.. Sigh.. The A/C in the volvo bus was too strong.. :( .. newayz checked into Hotel Jenny's (no wonder all valets were female.... lol !!! :) ...) .. had a ligh breakfast and trotted into this Sify Iway broadband cafe.. The NIT is about 15 kms from the city and i will only be going to the institute only tomorrow ... So i have the day for myself here in Trichy... Guess i'll just go back into my cosy room and cuddle into the bed.. Sigh.. One of my last days to sleep in an A/C room !!...
Anyways bye till next time.. maybe i'll post when i have already been admitted (into the institute..) .. So bye and tc.. keep :-)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Unconscous Mutterings Week 179

Here's another one last post from Mumbai i guess..
  1. Face it :: Face Off
  2. Healthy :: Wealthy
  3. Cartoon :: Popeye
  4. Device :: Manager
  5. Raider :: Radar (lol!!)
  6. Closer :: (Miroslav) Klose
  7. Admission :: TRICHY
  8. Culture :: India
  9. Stakes :: Need For Speed
  10. Heartbroken :: Never !! (lol!!)
For those who dunno wats goin on.. please click here
Thx.. Adios.. Next time from Trcihy... !!

Beat This

Was playin minesweeper for the first time before the Germany Portugal match... n within 5 games i got a top score of 15 seconds.. hahaha ... any one beat that ??? :-)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Off To Trichy

Hey all
I joined NIT Trichy (Computer Science) and college starts 17 July... So.. Im leaving Mumbai on 12 July.. So, u know,wont be there to post stuff and all.. God knows when my next post will be.. But it will definitely be about the college... So until next time, thanx a lot for ur love and support towards The Place To Be... it wouldnt have been possible without the readers...
Luv,Bye and tc..

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Congrats to all DASA admission seekers who got admission into the course and institute of their choice.. List of DASAites from ISM can be found on Uren's blog... And the whole list on the EDCIL website under the flash news icon... Meanwhile Zizou buried in a 33rd minute penalty and got France a step closer to winiing the coveted cup.. Though Portugal retained majority of the possession, they couldnt do much with it as France stole the match.. So now its Portugal vs Germany on the 8th July for the 3rd place... And germany will be so hoping to make the maximum of the home advantage this time around against Scolari and Co.